Steps To Becoming An YouTube Authority With BDS

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Pick Your 90-Day Plan

Mike and Bobby made a nice improvement here and you can pick your 90-day plan here:

Not to sway anyone from learning the 'Driving Website Traffic' because that is awesome, but the 'Video Marketing' is what I began three years ago and it is 'killer' awesome and 100% free! So pick one and go for it for 90 days! You can do it!

Step-By-Step Directions for 2 Channels Per Day:

There is a lot more awesome technology available in the BDS, and this strategy is not meant to suggest that YouTube is the ONLY valuable technology in BDS. But following these steps will indeed create massive authority for you with YouTube.

Some members may need a 'step-by-step' to actually create 2 YouTube channels (not accounts) per day, so bookmark this post and/or the video. These 'BDS channels' are going to be used by you to subscribe to other BDS members' main YouTube channels, so we suggest creating 5 channels. If you 'see' the value of this now or 'down the road' you can make 10 channels, but the power comes from more BDS members doing these simple tasks, rather than you spending weeks creating channels. So to be clear, just make 5 channels at the maximum rate of 2 channel per day!

Note on September 20, 2017 the YouTube Editor, which I mention in my video, is going away so you won't be able to use 'Creative Commons' videos. One easier solution would be to create 5-10 short 10-second videos on your smart phone and move them to your computer. Randomly pick two videos and upload them to have 2 videos in each new channel. This shows YouTube that you are using YouTube as it was meant to be used, by uploading unique videos that you create.

I show exactly how to do everything in this video:

If you're new, this will explain how to create two new channels per day. BOOKMARK this link as a BOOKMARK on your browser. Then also BOOKMARK the YouTube video link as well.

How Do We Promote [an MLM product] Via Our Program [BDS]?

One of my BDS referrals asked me this question: "How do we promote (an MLM product) via our program [BDS]?

The ‘process’ to make significant money online, especially with an MLM:

1. You must become an ‘expert’ or ‘authority’ at something so that others searching for help and/or advice online will ‘find’ you and will then regard you as very helpful and knowledgeable. They like you almost immediately...

The best website to become an ‘expert’ or ‘authority’ with is YouTube because Google is the #1 search engine of the world and YouTube is #2. YouTube is also free and YouTube videos get priority exposure on Google with larger color thumbnails versus just 'blue links.'

2. Becoming an ‘authority’ on YouTube means that you have lots of ‘subscribers’ which have given YouTube permission to email them whenever you record a new video. This typically can take years to accumulate subscribers but the Back Door Society allows one to significantly reduce the time it takes to get subscribers because BDS members subscribe to each other’s YouTube accounts. It's the classic 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine' idea.

YouTube allows one to have multiple channels so that one person can have multiple 'identities.' Channels are like accounts, but channels can be organized under one email account. YouTube also allows multiple accounts, which are different email addresses.

3. Recording videos, based on repetitive 'long-worded phrase' searches on Google, means that many times your video can appear on the first page of Google without having your own website. You actually ‘borrow’ the ‘authority’ and Google often chooses a YouTube video to be displayed along with other websites that have often massive ‘SEO’ (search engine optimization) in comparison.

Said another way, the goal is to be ‘found’ on Google. Everyone pretty well knows that. With a website it can take years and significant ‘work’ involving backlinks, referring domains and a host of other variables.

A YouTube video, however, can show on Google in minutes and YouTube videos can be uploaded for free. There is very little ‘SEO’ comparatively that needs to be done with a YouTube video and YouTube is also the #2 most popular search engine in the world so being ‘found’ as a top YouTube video is also awesome.

4. After answering the question that is asked, or demonstrating the ‘how to,’ at the end of the video one can simply suggest that viewers go to a website for more information about the video creator and/or their product(s) or business opportunity. This is often where you take the viewer to your ‘capture page’ where you can ‘capture’ the viewer’s name and email address and then follow-up with additional emails. (Watching television is similar, as you are enjoying the program content and then ads appear every so often that may not relate at all to the program! With YouTube, however, there is no cost to share whatever you want.)

So you are not doing a video per se about your product or service generally, but rather a topic that can be completely different. And because you answer or demonstrate something so well, and are optimistic and happy, the viewer is genuinely open to seeing more about you!

That is the process. You may question it, but it works and has worked for hundreds, if not thousands, of people. It has worked for me so well I know I will be able to build a massive team!

And YouTube is massive and there are millions of videos on endless topics, so we don't have to worry about 'saturation' or a limit in value that we can add.

The Back Door Society offers all of this and much more, and it should cost hundreds per month, but due to Mike and Bobby’s generosity, the membership is free.

If you don't understand anything in the BDS, please ask. Said another way, if you aren't terribly excited, you have completely missed it and you need to raise your hand and say, 'I'm missing something here, why should I be doing x?'

Okay? Let's go!