Best Low Impact Exercise For Weight Loss

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Best Low Impact Exercise For Weight Loss Most of us have busy lives. You do, right?  Do you take time for yoursef each day by going for walk?  I recommend that you do. Going outside for a stroll like the woman pictured above may be relaxing and mentally refreshing but it won't improve your fitness much. To improve your fitness you would have to move along fast enough to get your heart rate up for long period of time. To lose weight it has long been thought that you must go on long continous walks or runs. That meant building up your aerobic capability to go on long continuous walks or runs. 

Studies have proved that there is another way for you to burn more calories in a shorter period, and improve your aerobic capability more quickly compared to walking/running continuously for the extended periods of time. Interval Training. Start out by walking/running at a low intensity for a short interval (4 minutes) then, pick up the intensity for a short interval (4 minutes) A huge benefit of interval training is it requires far less of a time commitment  
A huge benefit of interval training exercise for overweight and obese individuals is a notable decreases in waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio (WRH), and the sum of skin folds on the body. When a 4 sets of 4-minute intervals of low/high intensity interval training study was done with them the ability of their cardiovascular system to deliver oxygen to their muscles showed more improvement than moderate continuous exercise. 4 sets of 4-minute intervals worked better to improve their aerobic capability than 4 sets of 1-minute intervals.

.Best Low Impact Exercise For Weight Loss

There is evidence that interval training is just as effective as continuous endurance training of moderate intensity for older people and those with coronary artery disease. Again, older people found it less monotonous than continuous intensity exercise and they were pleased it takes less time.

Best Low Impact Exercise For Weight Loss

Low impact interval training can improve many processes of the human body. 
It can assist in managing risk factors of many diseases, including metabolic syndrome, 
cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes by improving insulin action and sensitivity. 

Greater insulin sensitivity results in lower levels of insulin 

needed to lower glucose levels in the blood. This helps type 2 

diabetics or metabolic syndrome control their glucose levels.

A combination of both interval training and continuous exercise 

increases cardiovascular fitness and raises HDL-cholesterol, 

which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Low impact interval training can increase the maximum volume uptake of athletes (VO2max). This is a significant factor in determining long distance runner's performance. With an increased VO2max runners can intake more oxygen while exercising so they can to sustain aerobic effort for a longer period of time.. Studies have also shown interval training can induce endurance-like adaptions, corresponding to increased capacity for whole body and skeletal muscle lipid oxidation and enhanced peripheral vascular structure and function.

Best Low Impact Exercise For Weight Loss

In conclusion, low to high intensity low impact interval training is widely believed to be more effective at inducing fat loss than simply training at a moderate intensity for the same duration. This is due to the metabolism-boosting effects of high intensity intervals. 

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