How To Copy and Paste to a Laptop

How To Copy and Paste to a Laptop, PC or a Mac.

Put your marketing efforts into the fast lane by using the images and videos produced by others on your team. Doesn't matter what your product or company is, Cut, Copy & Paste are essential.

Copy and paste is a basic skill with computers and for many is so elementary they just don't give it a second thought. For many others of you this will be super valuable information.

Building a business is SOOOooooo much easier when thru Copy & Paste we can share materials which others on our team have created.

How To Copy and Paste to a Laptop.

In addition to using the right-hand mouse key to open the dialog box allowing Cut/Copy/Paste, is that these tools are accessible with your keyboard using CTRL (Control) C, C, & V, where X = Cut, C = Copy, and V = Paste. When done with the left hand while your right hand is driving the mouse, it can be a huge time-saver!

Paramount in this method is knowing you have full editorial control over the verbiage which you paste into intro comments and also comment threads. Strip out others' links, pages and other mentions which will take your prospect away from YOUR call-to-action. Get them signed up with you first!

How To Copy and Paste to a Laptop

Whatever your business is, I hope this is helpful.
Best of success to you.

-Steve Miller