Hempworx/My Daily Choice - Join Options

Hempworx/My Daily Choice - Join Options


For more information, get back with whomever introduced you to Hempworx/MDC.


In this video I seek to simplify a few of the 'Join Options' for those of you considering My Daily Choice / Hempworx and the great CBD products.


The first choice is to decide whether you want to become a Customer or an Affiliate. A few things about this choice. First, Customers and Affiliates are able to purchase at the same prices. At first this may sound a bit odd, but Customers are not in the Compensation Plan so unable to build toward the substantial residual income of the Affiliates, hence they do not earn commissions. Retail Profit and personal use are their limited benefits.


Another factor is that a Customer may pay the 'One-Time $20 Affiliate Fee' any time they would like with no penalty, so for those who would like some time to try the product, just come on as a Customer and you will be fine. 

In order to see the entire 'Affiliate BackOffice', and thus the entire 'Business In A Box' that MDC offers, you might either want to come in as an Affiliate.  (…or talk your Enroller into doing a screenshare with you to show you all the bells-and-whistles.)


Hempworx/My Daily Choice - Join Options


So, deciding to join MDC/Hempworx as an Affiliate raises additional options. There are three levels (Ranks), which you may choose to join. The only difference is the quantity of product you choose to purchase. And quantity of product also determines your discount.


The three Comp Plan levels which we can affect thru product purchase are Builder, Director, and Executive. Rank level beyond these few are attained thru building your team and increasing your 'Group Volume'.


A single product purchase will attain the Builder Rank and is at the retail $69 pricing + shipping/handling.

A 4-product Director Pack purchase attains the Director Rank and gets the $50/product pricing, + shipping/handling..

12 products is an Executive Pack, also at the $50/product pricing, or $599 + shipping/handling.


*As with any extensive system, there are exceptions to the above, but this covers most of the join options.


Hempworx/My Daily Choice - Join Options


As a new Affiliate, how does the Comp Plan work and does this program actually make money?


The MDC/Hempworx Com Plan is the most lucrative comp plan I have ever seen. It is also the fastest building Biz Opp I have ever seen, too! First payout is Retail Profit. Either Customers or Affiliates can buy Director Packs or Executive Packs at $50/product then resell the items at the the $69 retail price. This give you a $19 retail profit. (I also add $5 to cover a portion of the shipping and handling.) I also always sell my 'arms length transactions' at full retail because this leaves the discount in place as an incentive to my local customers to set up their own online account to attain the 4 bottle/$50 discount.


The Jump Start bonus is an immediate commission, (paid weekly, one week out), and it can be significant! Jump Start is generated on all 'first calendar month' orders. (Subsequent orders fund the Binary payout, but that will get covered later.)


Each order is assigned a Business Value, or BV. Affiliates at the Builder rank get 30% of an order's BV, while Directors get 35% and Executives get 50%. This alone is significant but Directors also earn Jump Start on both level one orders and also level two orders, (the people you enroll and then their people, too). The Executive rank pays JS bonuses on FOUR levels of new orders. This is significant because now you are being paid on people whom you don't know who are signing up other people whom you do not know!


Hempworx/My Daily Choice - Join Options


Between the Retail Profit and Jump Start bonus, you can be earning in just a few weeks with MDC/Hempworx!


With SIX additional payouts, this really is the best com plan I have ever seen!

…and the other payouts are more spectacular than these I have covered here.! Ack!


So, contact the person thru whom you have been introduced to MDC/Hempworx.

They will be happy to answer your questions and get you to their sign-up page.


**And if you followed one of my many links to get here, or you truly are 'an orphan', I will be happy to help.

All my best.

Steve Miller