Bluetooth Beacon

If you are looking to grow your business and attract more customers, then the Bluetooth beacon is just the right solution for you. Beacons have fast become an exciting tool to market business and expand outreach to more customers interested in being a part of this digital revolution. But, before getting into the advantages of investing in beacon technology, I will begin by explaining to you just what a Bluetooth beacon is.

The Bluetooth Beacon

A beacon is a tiny transmitter that works with the use of Bluetooth technology. Its main broadcasting platform is radio signals as opposed to light and it informs a hearing device which exact beacon it is situated next to by transmitting a special identification number or code name. A Bluetooth beacon can come in various colors, shapes and could have a variety of nifty features such as sensors for temperature, accelerometers and even special add-on features. All in all, each feature’s job is to transmit signals. So, if you are looking to effectively market your business and help it grow into a huge success then definitely, investing in Bluetooth beacons is the right option for you.

First things first

This technology provides a new world of convenience for your customer base that they will definitely appreciate. Today’s world is moving rapidly into a tech driven society and there is no time to hang on to outdated systems that slow your business down. Customers want fast and efficient services and the large majority is already in possession of a smartphone.  With Bluetooth beacon, customers need not produce loyalty cards or coupons to be eligible for special offers. With rewards and discounts now just a click away, more people are guaranteed to flock to your business and take advantage of the handy technology.

Take advantaged of Bluetooth Beacon marketing that is more location based

Bluetooth beacon will help you keep tabs on customers and memorize their habits with regards to spending. As a business, you have a clearer and more accurate idea of what your customers love and what products are not as popular.  This is useful when it comes to stocking as it allows you the opportunity to make bigger investments in popular products and create attractive deals that will grow your business and give it an edge of its competitors. With customer’s smartphones directly connected to your businesses’ beacons, it becomes easier to market your business through sending messages that are greatly targeted and better customized. The common mass email or post on Twitter for example can easily be ignored or missed but direct messages have a greater chance of reaching more customers and letting them know any good deals your business has to offer. 

In addition to being convenient, a Bluetooth beacon is inexpensive, from setting up to adding an extras and, it lasts longer meaning more time to market your services and grow your enterprise. 

An edge over others

Marketing via email or phone call is highly ineffective. Let’s face it, many of us immediately delete mass emails and we hang up as soon as we realize the call we are getting is a marketing call. A Bluetooth beacon can send a direct message that reaches your customer’s phone even when they are still in your shop. What an effective way to promote and directly engage with them in person.


If you have not considered investing in a couple of Bluetooth beacons for your business then, I would highly advise you do. As we speak, it is perhaps the most effective and successful tool for marketing your business and it is a guaranteed means of connecting directly with your customers and giving them exactly what they want. To find out what I use and it's super easy to set up, just check Click Here

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