Amazon FBA - Learn How to Sell on Amazon

Business 3 10 Michael Markuson

Do you know what Amazon FBA is? It is Fulfillment on Amazon. It is when you order on Amazon and they ship it to you from the warehouses. Amazon has many warehouses all over the earth. To get the items ordered to the buyer the fastest is what they want. They made a niche in the retail world by offering 2 day shipping. 

Amazon does not sell everything!

They need the help of Third party sellers. People that get products and ship them to 1 or more warehouses in the Amazon system. These sellers then do not need to worry about processing and shipping each order. In exchange for various fees Amazon will let you sell certain items on their platform. 

My story selling on Amazon.

Seven years ago I started selling on Amazon books that I had or that I could get cheap. They started selling and I was hooked. This expanded in time to other items that I could get for a good profit. There are many ways to do this business. You could go and learn the hard way or learn the smart way. Six years ago I came across the Proven Amazon Course and it was indeed a true God-send. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we were shipping out between 20-30 packages a day. This was very hard with also homeschooling our kids. We started learning from the Proven Amazon Course, also known as the PAC, after New Years. Within a week we shipped in a package. It was amazing to do this and have continued to keep "feeding the beast" as many say. 

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